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Founded in 198___ and based in New Orleans

our firm is an established insurance defense, civil litigation, and general business practice law firm. Licensed to work in the Gulf South and beyond, the firm’s attorneys act as counsel for clients throughout the United States for specialized matters including National Flood Insurance Program cases, insurance coverage disputes, bad faith claims, mass joinder cases, qui tam claims, as well as police liability cases here in Louisiana. The partners at Nielsen & Treas share the same underlying philosophy regarding professionalism and ethics. N&T provides its clients with aggressive, objective, and cost-effective representation and counsel. Insurers around the country trust in us for providing their legal needs in defending their company and protecting their name and brand reputations.

Insurance Defense Expertise

Our law firm boasts a distinguished track record of successfully representing insurance companies and policyholders in a wide array of cases, ranging from complex liability claims to property damage disputes, making us a trusted partner in the realm of insurance defense.

Strategic Legal Counsel for Businesses

Our law firm is renowned for its extensive expertise in civil litigation, handling a diverse range of cases, including contract disputes, personal injury claims, employment disputes, and intellectual property litigation, ensuring our clients receive top-tier representation in the courtroom.

Comprehensive Civil Litigation Services

With our deep industry knowledge and a team of seasoned legal professionals, we are committed to providing comprehensive insurance defense services, offering strategic guidance and vigorous advocacy to protect the interests of our clients in an ever-evolving legal landscape.

Client-Centered Approach

Our law firm specializes in delivering strategic legal counsel to businesses of all sizes, offering a wealth of experience in areas such as business transactions, contract negotiation, corporate governance, and compliance, ensuring our clients can confidently navigate the intricacies of the business world.

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Putting clients first

We want our experts to put the needs of our clients first. To do this, we find out about their situations, the options they have, and the problems they face.

Providing tailored advice

Because we know a lot about a lot of different things, we are ready and willing to give our clients solutions that are both useful and affordable.

Crafting the ideal team

We bring together people with the ideal mix of domain and industry expertise because we believe that collaboration is more effective than individual action.

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We are one of the leading law firms that serves clients across key industries. We give our clients legal advice that is focused on finding solutions and is creative. We are known for our expertise and leadership in major practice areas.